British Land are looking to improve the Paddington Central Amphitheatre, introducing new landscaping, with an emphasis on ecology; a more dynamic layout; improved accessibility and enhancements to the existing retail, to create a new centrepiece for the campus.

The purpose of this website is to share the vision for the project with you and to hear your thoughts and ideas on how British Land can improve the Paddington Central Amphitheatre for local residents, visitors, and workers.

Paddington Central

What is Paddington Central?

Paddington Central is an 11-acre, mixed-use neighbourhood next to Paddington Station in London’s West End. Since acquiring Paddington Central, British Land have invested significantly in its buildings, outside environment and retail offering.

With the wellbeing of its workers and local people in mind, the campus’ green spaces and location alongside the Grand Union Canal offer an attractive environment to spend time before, during and after the working day and throughout the weekend.

Who are British Land?

We create Places People Prefer.

These are outstanding places that meet the needs of our customers and respond to their evolving lifestyles.

Our properties are home to over 1,200 different organisations, ranging from international brands to local start-ups. 65,000 people work across our office portfolio, while our retail sites receive 310 million visits a year.


properties that are home to different organisations


people working across British Land office portfolio

310 m

visits to British Land retail sites a year
A focus on sustainability and wellbeing

Sustainability is embedded throughout British Land’s business. Our places meet high sustainability standards, become part of local communities, provide opportunities for skills development and employment, and promote wellbeing. In April 2016, British Land received the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development, the UK's highest accolade for business success for economic, social, and environmental benefits achievements over a period of five years.

We believe we have an opportunity to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable destination with the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central.

The Amphitheatre

What is the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central?

The Paddington Central Amphitheatre was created as part of the redevelopment of Sheldon Square during the first phase of the Paddington Central masterplan. Designed by Sidell Gibson Partnership, the amphitheatre sits at the centre of Sheldon Square and is a public space used for live music, film screenings and events. It’s surrounded by several retail units including cafes, restaurants, and leisure facilities, plus 211 apartments.

Issues and Opportunities

The amphitheatre was designed and built 20 years ago and therefore it does not reflect what we now know about successful and inclusive placemaking. We believe that we can make significant improvements to create a feature centrepiece of the campus for local people, visitors, and workers to enjoy. British Land are keen to address several issues associated with the amphitheatre as part of their proposals for the future of the Paddington Central Amphitheatre.

These issues include:

The existing amphitheatre is not welcoming and fails to provide easy access to the existing retail, gym, and restaurant at the lower levels of the amphitheatre.

We have the opportunity to address this issue and make the site fully accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy the space and any future events

From dialogue with local stakeholders, it was identified that the existing amphitheatre lacked greenery and that the current environment is too sterile and corporate.

We have the opportunity to address this issue through the refurbishment of the site and focus on ecology, introducing additional green landscaping and a water feature will improve the sustainability credentials of the amphitheatre and enhance the wellbeing of workers, visitors, and local residents.

Retail and the hospitality sectors are currently facing a particularly challenging time.

We can support these important sectors. As a part of our refurbishment of the site, we are keen to reimagine the amphitheatre by improving access to the existing retail units and restaurants enhancing valuable local amenity services. Similarly, the need for high-quality outdoor amenity space has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and this is something we are keen to deliver. This will be achieved by creating a vibrant and inviting environment, attracting new, interesting retailers to Paddington Central.

The current amphitheatre lacks adequate seating and we are aware that the site could accommodate better curated events. We want to provide more seating in the amphitheatre and work with the local community to curate the types of events we can host, to encourage more people to visit Paddington Central.

Our proposals for the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central

Responding to existing issues, we want to reimagine the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central, introducing new green landscaping; a more dynamic layout; improved accessibility and improve the existing shops, gym and restaurant creating a new centrepiece for Paddington Central.


Our proposals for the future of the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central will:

Increase the size of the podium, allowing for more, high-quality events to be held in the amphitheatre whilst further activating the retail units around the site.

Provide additional seating by increasing the capacity of the seating area from 310 metres to 350m an increase of 40m.

Improve the site’s accessibility by reconfiguring the central staircase to make sure the amphitheatre is accessible for those with disabilities or mobility issues. A new internal public lift will also be introduced.

We will also introduce the ramp to connect lower retail level and the stage space, so the ‘podium’ space and its events can be enjoyed by everyone.

Introduce a cascading water feature further animating the terraces

Introduce more green landscaping. This will also improve air quality and biodiversity, creating outdoor spaces conducive to more active lifestyles.

Improve the existing retail frontages by redesigning them in the style of a traditional English high-street, whilst introducing retractable fabric awnings and projecting signage. This will create a unified appearance whilst allowing each individual unit to express their own character.

Introduce a new permanent screen for screen-based/streamed events that is integrated into the redesign of the amphitheatre. This will help to further activate the site and to avoid having to submit annual planning applications. The hours of operation of the screen and programmes would be tightly controlled via a legally-binding operational management plan.

Public consultation

Public Consultation and Coronavirus

We had hoped to show you the proposals for The Paddington Central Amphitheatre in person at a public exhibition. However, due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions in place do not allow us to hold a public event. We are committed to prioritising community wellbeing and deem it too early to hold public events. For the time being, public consultation on the proposals for The Paddington Central Amphitheatre will be held online, here or via information packs distributed via post to those who do not have access to the internet or prefer it.

Please see our contact details at the bottom of the page if you have any queries and/or would like to request information via post.

We invite local people to take part in the ‘Have Your Say’ section below where you can share with us any knowledge you have of the local area and have your say on our ideas for the redevelopment of The Paddington Central Amphitheatre.

The project team will review all feedback to determine local needs and priorities that will inform the proposals’ detailed design.

The team behind the proposals:

British Land

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Have Your Say

Have your say

We are keen to understand the views of the local community on the future of the Paddington Central Amphitheatre. Therefore, we would be grateful if you can provide your views on the proposals by using the feedback form below.

The team will then take the time to review the feedback received prior to submitting a planning application to Westminster City Council.

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We want to understand the views of the local community on the future of the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central.

If you could spare just a few more minutes of your time… please consider letting us know your thoughts on our proposals through our survey.


The Amphitheatre at Paddington Central

In April 2021, Westminster City Council granted planning permission for British Land’s proposed improvements to the Amphitheatre at Paddington Central.